Confidence: Legal Legend Lynne Liberato Helps us Get in Over our Heads

Super-lawyer Lynne Liberato asks us to believe our own cooking. Listen and then go forth and conquer.

Show Notes

Super-lawyer Lynne Liberato talks with Management Muse about the importance of expertise and genuineness in building our confidence. In this discussion we explore overconfidence, bluffing, and how confirmation bias can impact confidence.

Managers build confidence in their employees through feedback and mentorship. By walking them through situations and highlighting how key decisions were made, staff can build their own confidence through the acquisition of knowledge.

This episode also covers the importance of body language, speech patterns, and appearance, as well as the crucial difference between confidence and arrogance.


• Your confidence builds confidence in other people.

• Without knowledge and experience, it’s bull, not confidence.

• Mentoring helps managers instill confidence in younger workers.

• Managers also build confidence in their staff by providing feedback. Be timely, be honest, and be encouraging.

• Lynn shares a story about an incredibly skilled lawyer who had to overcome credibility issues because she didn’t look confident.

Episode Quotes

“You have to have credibility before you can say I don’t know without a penalty. Don’t walk in unprepared. – Cindi Baldi

“The best thing to do is to be confident, but have the facts and the work to back it up.” – Lynne Liberato

“I always believed if I tried hard enough and I was prepared as I possibly could be I had earned the right to be confident.” – Lynne Liberato

“When you cease to be open, to even consider other positions, perspectives, and arguments you then cross the line from being confident into counterproductive arrogance.” – Cindi Baldi

About Lynne Liberatto

Lynne Liberato is a legendary Texas lawyer. Pray to your maker that she’s on your side.

Keywords: Confidence, Confirmation Bias, Mentoring, Feedback, Arrogance

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