War hero and daddy extraordinaire Nate Self keeps us rolling with his story about the tooth fairy getting busted. Note: Not recommended for kids who still believe.

Show Notes

This mini-episode of Management Muse is a great story from Nate Self’s Transitions episode 8. We loved the story so much, that we didn’t want it to die during editing. So, here it lives.

In this mini-episode, Nate talks about a time his youngest child, Griffin, caused him to suffer an involuntary and abrupt transition.

About Nate Self

Nate is a former U.S. Army officer and founder of the Praevius Group. Nate graduated from West Point with honors and served on active duty in Germany, Kosovo, Afghanistan, and Iraq. Nate travels the world speaking to audiences on topics related to personal and organizational effectiveness. He lives in Central Texas with his wife and four children, and he coaches a ton of youth sports.

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