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S1 E3: Leader Development Inspired by Howard Prince: One Flame, Many Candles

LIVE, LISTEN NOW. Cindi and Geoff share wisdom from and memories of a man who was doing leadership development long before it was cool. About Howard Prince: Retired Brigadier General, Founding Department Head of West Point’s Department of Behavioral Sciences and Leadership, Founding Dean of the Jepson School of Leadership Studies, former Endowed Chair at UT Austin, and twice-wounded Vietnam War combat leader.

S1 E4: Crisis Management: Who Slashed my Tires? with Jefferson Howell

LIVE, LISTEN NOW. Retired Marine Corps three-star general Jefferson Howell salutes the Muse by sharing his story of a mini-mutiny. About Jefferson Howell: Over 300 combat missions flown in Vietnam, former Johnson Space Center Commander, and so many amazing stories that we need three episodes with him.

S1 E6: Crisis Management: The Columbia Disaster with Jefferson Howell

LIVE, LISTEN NOW. What should good managers do when the crap truly and completely hits the fan? We ask the former Commander of the Johnson Space Center what he did the day the Space Shuttle Columbia went down. About Jefferson Howell: The nicest three-star General you will ever meet, talks crisis management on the Muse.