13: Mini Episode: Inequality in Healthcare with Welela Tereffe

LIVE, LISTEN NOW. The Chief Medical Executive of UT’s MD Anderson Cancer Center shares her thoughts about inequality in U.S healthcare. About Welela Tereffe: CME at M.D. Anderson, physician, adopted sister, and graduate of Brown, NYU, and Harvard.

14: Mini Episode: The Tooth Fairy Entrepreneur with Nate Self

LIVE, LISTEN NOW. War hero and daddy extraordinaire Nate Self keeps us rolling with his story about the tooth fairy getting busted. Note: Not recommended for kids who still believe. About Nate Self: West Point Honor Grad, author, coach, businessman, and war hero Nate Self lights up the Muse with his signature warmth and wisdom.

16: Mini Episode: What Do Tom Cruise and the King of Jordan have in Common? with Jefferson Howell

LIVE, LISTEN NOW. Retired General Jefferson Howell talks about when Tom Cruise came over for dinner, lunch with the King of Jordan, and other stories. About Jefferson Howell: Retired Marine Corps Lieutenant General, Former Johnson Space Center Director, amazing storyteller, and native Texan.